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Community Video
by Medienprojekt PSI-TV & Entheovision
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A brief recounting of the plant origins of the natural phenethylamine and tryptamine psychedelic drugs will be presented. These are the starting points for many score synthetic modifications, and these will also be discussed. These materials have found therapeutic value in psychotherapy and also as research tools for the exploration of the neurotransmitter structure of the human brain. Following these presentations, the stage will be opened to a question and answer session, with direct audience...
Topics: alexander sasha shulgin, sasha shulgin, shulgin, thikal, phikal, mdma, Phenethylamin, Tryptamin,...
Community Texts
by Mary Jane Superweed
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AN introductory book on growing cannabis hydroponically, but the same principles can be applied to other plants as well.
Topics: Hydroponics, cannabis, pot, grass, drugs